Insurance Solutions for Education

Comprehensive insurance and warranty services to cover all aspects of digital learning

Why choose Burnetts?

We understand the importance of technology being used in the modern classroom, as well as the risks attached to putting valuable equipment in the hands of students. After all, kids will be kids!

Our excellent range of insurance products can cover a variety of devices used by students such as tablets, chromebooks and laptops used in schools for 1:1 learning schemes.

We want to ensure that if a device is damaged, stolen or suffers breakdown, there is minimal disruption to the students education and get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

One of the original insurance providers in the Education insurance market.

We minimise the administration associated with running a 1:1 scheme, leaving the school to remain in full control.

More than 14 years’ experience of providing insurance and parental contribution services in Education.

Key Product Benefits

  • Cover is provided in the school as well as off of the premises
  • No excess to pay in the event of a claim
  • Cover available between a 12-36 month term
  • Worldwide cover with no time limit
  • Replacement equipment if a device cannot be repaired
  • Easily report & track your claim online
  • All repairs are completed by a trusted repairer and are provided with a warranty

Our cover options

What's covered? Accidental Damage & Theft Extended Warranty
Accidental Damage
Mechanical Breakdown
Malicious Damage

Our Partners

Our Education Insurance Solutions

Taking finance or a lease to be able to supply 1:1 devices to students can be a significant financial risk to schools. It may be the reason that a school opts to lease a device rather than buying one outright.

Our cover eliminates the schools responsibility to pay for any of the following should a parent leave or withdraw from a parental contribution scheme:-

  • Outstanding lease costs
  • Insurance Warranty costs

Our Payment Manager service enables schools to pass the cost of 1:1 device schemes on to the parents or other contributors.

Our service enables the school to retain control over the scheme whilst taking out all the hard work when it comes to payment administration, by providing:

  • Direct debit collection service for parental contribution schemes
  • Fixed cost service with no additional charges
  • Telephone, email and paper-based correspondence with parents, on your behalf
  • Secure online sign up for parents
  • Monthly reports and analysis

Who is eligible for cover?

  • Students that hold a permanent UK residency
  • Any Teachers or Staff employed by the School, College or University